Lake District

It was our first one week holidays in the UK. We spent it travelling in the Lake District. Despite low temperatures, I can say we had fantastic weather. Lake District is a favourite holiday place where we’ve seen beautiful mountains, lakes, and we’ve spent one day on a seaside.

Travelling from London Euston

Early in the morning around 5:30 am, we went out of our flat with heavy backpacks. Yoko was proudly walking beside us, and probably she didn’t know what kind of adventure awaits us. We met with Monika and Grzegorz on Greenford. Marcin joined us on a tube station a few moments later. Our team was complete then, so we started the new mountain challenge in an underground train, which transported us to the Euston Station.

Thirlmere, 20ht May 2019

Yoko decided to go number two before the train journey. It was very healthy and smart. We couldn’t say it about Marius’s benedict eggs, which didn’t spill while cutting them into two pieces. Gordon Ramsay probably wouldn’t want to eat them, how Monika accurately noticed.

We went to the platform after breakfast. There was a train to Penrith substituted already on a platform. We passed to our train coach number A.

Yoko is resting while hiking to the Helvellyn peak, 20ht May 2019

The journey took almost 3 hours. From Penrith to Keswick we arrived by double-decker bus. This part of travelling took around 45 minutes. We’ve changed a coach there to the number 555, and we’ve got off the bus close to Thirlmere and at the foot of the mountain Helvellyn (3,117 ft). We named this mountain with Polish-sounding name Helwelenski Peak.

Stairs on the trail to Helvellyn, 20ht May 2019


We split into two groups here. Grzegorz with Monika went on the trail closer to the lake. I started to climb to the Helvellyn peak with Marcin and Marius. After around 20 minutes of hiking the path had begun to lead us down, what was surprising and we’re wondering if we’re on the right way.

The last look over the shoulder at Thirlmere on the way to Helvellyn peak, 20ht May 2019

We checked the map once again. We calculated the azimuth angle. We even prepared two decent weather forecasts for Thursday. Then everything became clear. We went wrong.

The view from the mountain opposite Helvellyn, 21st May 2019

I have to take a break this story now and point the reason for this mistake. It was because of a sheep, which we followed from the beginning. It is possible this sheep made a mistake and thought it was piloting another group. However, there were only donkeys in the group, as Monika said, listening to our story after some time.

Joko is relaxing after walking down from the peak, 21st May 2019

Happily, we turned this mistake into a dozen jokes. It helped us to keep our morale on such level that after 45 minutes from the start, we began to climb once again today.

This time we were walking breathless and delighted. After 15 minutes, Marius realised he had lost his camera tripod. Because we were still quite close to the road an hour after the beginning, we decided to wait for him. And we hoped to see him returning with his loss.

Unfortunately, he didn’t find his tripod. The main suspect has been a sheep.

Workington by the Irish Sea, 22nd May 2019

We began to walk to the top of Helvellyn once again. We’ve been still in a grand mood despite the adversities of life. The weather was lovely. The sun was shining at our round faces. The view behind our shoulders was more breathtaking with every step of hiking. Although is it possible that we had some issues with breathing because of 14-kilogram backpacks.

Camping, 22nd May 2019

I want to write a few words about mountains in the Lake District. It is a mix of our Polish Tatra Mountains and Krkonoše. The height of mountains to around 3,000 ft cannot be compared even with lower Krkonoše (the highest peak Sněžka, 5,259 ft), but while you hike on mountains height above sea-level doesn’t matter in contrast to height differences. I’m not talking about the Himalayas, of course.

Yoko is standing on a rocky beach by the Irish Sea, 22nd May 2019

It was difficult for us to climb to the top. Notably, it was our first day, and we began it after 3 pm. There was very windy on the top, that’s why we decided to walk down into Thirlmere’s direction after taking a quick documentary picture. We had to meet Monika and Grzegorz there.

The golden hour in the campsite, 22nd May 2019

Less or more in the two-thirds of the way back, we noticed Grzegorz walking to our direction. He had gone to meet us. It was easier and faster to move to the goal since then. And we had a guarantee we don’t mistake the way, and we don’t pass the rest of our team.

The campsite, 22nd May 2019

Harrop Tarn

We met with Monika nearby the asphalt road. Together we went to the place where Grzegorz planned the first accommodation under the open sky. We went to the south and circling the Thirlmere we went to its other side. After arduous climbing to the Harrop Tarn, we found the right place to break camp. We fell into a deep sleep very quickly that day.

The campsite, 22nd May 2019

Getting up in the morning the next day was tough for me. I woke up sore, but also joyful because of the moment of rest after sleep and meal before the whole day. Birds were singing around us, and there was no live person but our group. It was perfect.

Those of us who were braver took a bath in a cold lake, and then we set off on a further trip.

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